Sister Up - Disciplee Application

Thank you for your interest in women’s discipleship! This is one of the core values of Riverbend Community Church and our team looks forward to connecting you with other women of God. Our mission is to encourage women through intentional relationships, shared life experience, and personal growth in Christ.


You will be prayerfully paired by the Sister Up facilitators and will be contacted by your sister in late-August.


Please note that the information you share on this form is considered confidential and will not be shared beyond the Sister Up facilitators and the pastors of Riverbend Community Church.


If you have any questions about this process, please contact Lauren Whitty at or Cassidy Garber at

Name *
Do you have a pre-existing relationship(s) in the church with someone you’d like to be discipled by? If so, who? If not, that’s OK, we just find that pre-existing relationships are a great place to start in pairing people for discipleship.
How often would you be willing to meet?
What type of discipleship are you interested in?