Relationship Rescue - The Story of Joseph (God Is Near)
Relationship Rescue - Stress Tests
Relationship Rescue - Finding Hope in the Process
Relationship Rescue - Week 4 (The Power of Proactive Patience)
Relationship Rescue - Week 3
Relationship Rescue - Week 2 (From Fighting Dirty to Fighting Clean)
Relationship Rescue - Week 1 (Adam and Eve)
Gameday Sunday 2017
Rhythms of Rest - Week 5
Rhythms of Rest - Week 4
Rhythms of Rest - Week 1 (Jesus Is Our Rescue)

Riverbend Gathering 7.30.17

Shameless - Colossians 3

Shameless - Colossians 2:16-25 (Speaker : Elder Jason McDaniel)

Shameless - Colossians 2:8-15 (Speaker : Elder Matt Kay)

Shameless - A Study In Colossians (Guest Speaker: Barry Whitworth)

Riverbend Gathering 6.18.17 (Guest Speaker: Jesse Velarde)

Shameless - Week 1 (Guest Speaker: Stan Smith)

Riverbend Gathering 6.4.17

This Is Us - What is the church?
Special Speaker - Tim Detellis (Contagious Generosity)

Riverbend Gathering 5.7.17

Riverbend Gathering 4.30.17

This Is Us - Week 2 (2 Sons)


Words to the Wise (Week 4) - Financial Wisdom

Words to the Wise - Week 3 (Wisdom in Relationships)

Words to the Wise - Week 2 (Wisdom in Parenting)
Words To The Wise - Week 1
Tried and True Conclusion - Special Announcement

Tried and True - Set The Oppressed Free

Tried and True - Sight to the Blind
Tried and True - Mission To Set The Captives Free
Tried and True - Good News To The Poor

Tried and True - Week 5 (The Mission)

Matt Kay continues with the series "Tried and True" talking about the importance of boundaries in our lives.

Tried and True - Week 3

Tried and True - Week 2

Happy New Year! Provision, Vision, and Mission

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